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Post Adoption

Cúnamh provides a post-adoption service in recognition of the fact that adoption is a life-long process. We facilitate ongoing contact between the adoptive family/adopted child and the birth/natural parents. Support, advice and counselling are also available to all the parties involved, if and when requested.

In recognition of the need for on-going post-adoption services Cúnamh facilitates group and information evenings for natural mothers/parents and adoptive parents.

Information and Trace

As Cúnamh has been in operation as an adoption agency for over one hundred years we have had a role in thousands of families’ lives. We recognise that a person's connection to the adoption process is lifelong. An information and trace service is provided to those whom we have had contact with in the past. Many adopted people, birth/natural parents and members of birth families are making enquiries about their birth relative or a child placed for adoption. Our service supports those people who are looking for non-identifying information, medical information or wishing to have some contact with another party.

  • * If you are seeking contact or are prepared to have contact if and/or when the other party seeks you, it is important that you register with both Cúnamh’s Contact Register and The Adoption Authority's Contact Preference Register. The purpose of the Registers is to facilitate contact between adopted persons and their birth/natural families. A ‘no contact option’ may also be registered.
  • * If you are interested in enquiring about another party in your adoption experience click here to download the form, fill in the details, attach the requested copy of identification and return it to Cúnamh by post. Your completed enquiry form once received will be acknowledged in writing. Your name will then be placed on out Information & Trace waiting list. Due to the large volume of people who are seeking an information and trace service and our limited resources it can take some years to be taken off the waiting list. In the event that a match occurs, (that is; if both parties register for contact) you will be allocated a Social Worker as soon as possible. This may be a number of weeks depending on staffing levels at the time a match has occured.
  • * When an enquiry is taken off the waiting list, the allocated Social Worker will make contact with the enquirer, arrange a meeting, discuss the enquirer’s wishes and agree a plan of action. As Cúnamh cannot give out identifying information without the consent of the other party, we will undertake a search, and if successful we will approach and ascertain the wishes of the other party. Many parties commence contact with each other through correspondence facilitated by Cúnamh; letters are forwarded by Cúnamh between parties ensuring that contact details remain confidential. Both parties are offered support and counselling by their social worker at all stages of the process.
  • * In some cases one or both parties may feel that they need to put a hold on the contact, or indicate that they do not want any contact indefinitely even through letters. The Social Worker can support parties to work through any issues which may arise during the search process.Cúnamh recognises a person's right to search for the other party but also upholds the rights of the other party to privacy.

Whether you have definite ideas about what you want or do not want in terms of contact with the other party it is really useful to inform us. We also recommend that you place your name on the National Adoption Contact Preference Register run by the Adoption Authority of Ireland. You can download their form here.

A book list and reading material which may help you on your information and trace journey can be accessed by clicking here.

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